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MUME, Multi-Users in Middle-earth, is a free multiplayer roleplaying game based upon J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth that has been continuously enhanced since fall '91.

In MUME players can explore more than 25.000 open rooms and live in this meticulously crafted world during its late Third Age, and possibly join the Epic War between the forces of the Dark Lord and the armies of the West. [Do you want to learn more?]

Do you want to start playing right away? Then just get going! Do you want to read a bit more first, get some hints about mappers, or watch the Video Tutorials? Then visit the section for new players.

For questions and advice just visit our Official Forum! Simply login with your MUME-character.


Latest game news

Recent minor changes (hunting, promotions, backstab, mixing, reptiles, web map) (Waba)12 Jul 2015

1. Mobiles have become a tad smarter about their abilities to cross deep water
   rooms when moving to a destination (when patrolling, hunting, and so on).

   This should mostly fix mobiles being stuck in weird places, but be aware
   that it might affect your strategies. Please report any unexpected
   behaviour (Waba).

2. We congratulate Arcane on his promotion to Maia (Wright)
   and Azan on his promotion to Maia (Builder).

3. Some mobiles who will attempt to backstab you will now be a little bit
   smarter about it (Dáin).

4. The "mix" command can no longer be used while fighting (Dáin).

5. The ferocious reptiles are no longer susceptible to charm (Force).

6. The web map has been updated, and is available on http://mume.org/mume.php
   We also added some historic maps to the same page (Tempuntekijä).

Latest web news

New machine 6 Nov 2011

MUME has moved to a new machine. It can still be reached at mume.org. Its new IP address is

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